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About Us

Caravan Holidays – A little about us.

Caravan Holidays started as a small family firm in 1999 with just one caravan, on the Butlins Skegness site, that we rented out on the occasions we weren’t using it. Our reputation for good, clean caravan holidays spread rapidly by recommendation, with many people re-booking etc. We soon found we never had the caravan for our own caravan holidays and so bought a 2nd caravan at the skegness resort, but this again proved very popular and fully booked regularly, so yet other quality hand picked caravans followed, and Caravan Holidays in Skegness was born.

As we have grown we have purposely kept our family style approach to our caravan holidays by involving more and more members of our own family group. Growing the business has enabled Caravan Holidays to become more effective in offering you the best deals around, while keeping the business in the family has kept that friendly, approachable family feeling. We have been offering caravan holidays at the Butlins Skegness site for over 7 years now and so have a great deal of knowledge and experience of what most families want from their caravan holidays and you can rest assured we try very, very hard to provide this. Most of our customers (we like to refer to them as our friends) come back year after year and this tells us we are doing something right. But we aren’t perfect, just human, so therefore we do make the odd, unintentional mistake but each and everyone of us tries to correct them satisfactorily, but if you feel you’re not getting the results you want then my email address is at the bottom of this page. Just drop me a line.

If you want to contact Caravan Holidays – Skegness about anything on this website please email


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then please telephone and ask for Steve.

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We’ll do our very best to answer all of your questions promptly and courteously and I sincerely hope you enjoy your caravan holiday in Skegness whether you book through us or someone else.

If you feel you have been mistreated in any way by any member of Caravan Holidays staff please feel free to email me directly at: